About VSC

VSC or Veta Safety Club is a wing of Veta, Asia’s largest English training academy.

A part of its social service and nation building drive, Veta set up VSC. Safety was identified as a major issue facing the nation today. Safety at home, safety on travel, safety at workplace, safety at school—in fact safety in every sphere of human activity.

People ignore safety precautions and rules taking for granted that as long things didn’t happen to them, everything was safe—an unhealthy attitude towards life.

In order to bring about a change in the mindset of people, Veta thought that the best way to bring about this change was to address the young minds, at school, at playgrounds, at campuses, at the malls, at the cybercafes.

Thus was born the Veta Safety Club that took upon itself the mission of building a safe and confident India.

Why Veta?

Veta has been in the service of education since 1981. Having trained more than 2.2 million people, Veta knows where the pulse of the young generation is and how it beats.

It is the experience and the expertise of Veta that you see behind VSC. Also, Veta has over 200 centres across India with a sophisticated logistical network that can act as an effective infrastructure for VSC to work.

Partnering with Veta is the CSR division of Hammer MS & L, a communication company that shares the vision and mission of Veta:  Beware, be aware and be safe. Build a safe and confident India.